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Best DIY Ant Removal: The 2023 Florida Ant Guide

By Rick Miller


Boasting over two decades in wildlife removal, Rick is the seasoned pro behind wildpestpros.com. A witty storyteller with deep country roots, he’s your go-to guy for any critter conundrum. Off-duty, you’ll catch him spinning tales of his wild adventures. Facing a wildlife woe? Reach out to Rick!

The 2023 Florida Ant Guide: DIY Ant Removal

Well, howdy folks! It’s your ol’ buddy Rick Miller here. Now, I’ve been in the wildlife removal game for more than two decades, but lemme tell ya, the critters that give folks the most headache ain’t always the biggest. Nope, sometimes they’re as tiny as a crumb and twice as sneaky! I’m talking about ants. Yup, those little six-legged bandits that seem to think your kitchen is the hottest diner in town.

Remember that one time I stumbled outta bed, eyes half-shut, ready for my morning brew, and mistook ground coffee for ant trails? I spent a good ten minutes trying to figure out why the coffee wasn’t percolating only to realize I’d been duped by those lil’ rascals! Hah! So, let’s saddle up and delve into the wild west of ant invasions, and more importantly, how to keep ’em out of your cookie jar. And if you ever feel like those ants got you outflanked, don’t worry, I got your back! Just give us a holler right here, and we’ll come ridin’ to the rescue.

DIY Ant Removal: The 2023 Florida Ant Guide

Know Your Enemy – Florida Ants & Ant Removal

The 2023 Florida Ant Guide: DIY Ant Removal

Well, folks, in all my years of wrangling pests, I learned one big ol’ important lesson: Before you shoo them away, you gotta know what you’re dealing with. Sorta like how you wouldn’t challenge a bull to a race without knowing how fast it can run!

a. My First Encounter with the Mighty Ant Brigade:

Back in the day, when I was just a young buck, I once spent a whole afternoon watching a line of ants march one-by-one, hauling off bits of my sandwich. Instead of swiping them away, I got curious. “Where y’all headed with my lunch?” I wondered. That day, I learned about the hard-working nature of these tiny critters, always on the move, always with a mission.

b. Different Ant Types Invading Your Kitchen Territory:

  • Odorous House Ants: Got a funny smell when you squish ’em? That’s these guys. They love sweet stuff, which is probably why they’re eyeballing that sugar jar of yours.
  • Carpenter Ants: Now, these ain’t the ants you want nesting in your woodwork. They carve out homes in damp wood, so watch out for ‘em, especially if you got leaky pipes or wet spots.
  • Pharaoh Ants: Think of them as the royalty of the ant world. They’re tiny, but boy, can they multiply! They love proteins, sweets, and pretty much anything you left on your countertop.
  • Argentine ants: These ants are small and light brown in color. They are known for their ability to form large colonies and are often found in moist areas.
  • Ghost ants: These ants are small and white or translucent in color. They are often found in homes and businesses, where they feed on food and water.
  • Acrobat ants: These ants are medium-sized and black in color. They are known for their ability to raise their abdomens in the air when threatened.
  • Fire Ants: Reddish-brown and with a fiery temper to boot. Luckily, they ain’t common kitchen pests, but if you see ’em, tread carefully. Their bites are no joke!

c. Getting Inside Their Tiny Heads: Why They Invade:

Ants ain’t just being nosy when they’re in your kitchen. They’re on the hunt for food and water, especially when their regular sources run dry. Your kitchen is like an all-you-can-eat buffet for these guys, especially if there are crumbs and spills. But remember, they ain’t villains, just critters trying to survive.

DIY Ant Removal: The 2023 Florida Ant Guide

The Ant Expressway

The 2023 Florida Ant Guide: DIY Ant Removal

Now, let’s say you’re planning a road trip. You’d follow a map or GPS, right? Well, ants got their own version of Google Maps, and it’s quite the marvel of nature.

a. The Mystery of the Scent Trail:

Every ant that waltzes into your kitchen ain’t just wanderin’. Nope, they’re following a trail. When an explorer ant finds some food, it leaves behind a scented path for its buddies to follow. Think of it as a breadcrumb trail, but a lot stinkier.

Fun Fact: This scent comes from a pheromone they release, which is basically their way of saying, “Y’all, there’s a party over here!”

b. Wipe Away the Ants, but What About the Trail?

You might think wiping away those ants will solve the problem, but unless you deal with that invisible scent trail, their friends are just gonna keep on coming. It’s like trying to fix a leaky pipe with duct tape – it’s a temporary solution at best.

**c. Rick’s Roadblock Tip:

Want to break that trail? Regular cleaning is key. Use a mix of vinegar and water (about 50/50) to wipe down counters and sweep regularly. This will mess up their GPS and leave them wandering aimlessly, like me trying to find my glasses without actually wearing them.

d. Getting Creative with Diversion:

Another trick? Set up a small food source, like a dab of honey, away from your kitchen. As ants discover it, slowly move the source further and further away each day, leading them out. It’s like luring a cat with a laser pointer, but less furry and with more legs.

Alright, folks, by understanding and disrupting these ant highways, you’re taking the fight right to them! Remember, it’s all about strategy. And if you ever feel overwhelmed, don’t be shy to give me a shout. I’ve been in more ant skirmishes than I can count, and I’ve got the tricks to prove it. Onward! 🤠

DIY Ant Removal: The 2023 Florida Ant Guide

Rick’s Top Tips to Preventing Ant Invasions

The 2023 Florida Ant Guide: DIY Ant Removal

Every good cowboy knows that the best way to win a standoff is to avoid one in the first place. So, let’s get proactive with our ant problem, shall we?

a. Seal the Deal with Your Food:

The kitchen’s like a treasure trove for these lil’ bandits. Store food in airtight containers – especially the sweet stuff. Even that jar of honey can be a gold mine for them. And trust me, once they hit the jackpot, they’re calling in all their buddies.

b. Don’t Let Trash Be Their Treasure:

Empty the trash regularly and make sure the bin has a snug lid. I once left a bin unattended for a tad too long, and it turned into an ant rave party. Not my proudest moment, let me tell ya.

c. Water: Not Just a Drink for You and Me:

Ants need water too, especially during the dry spells. So, no leaving water in the sink or wet sponges around. A dry kitchen is a less appealing kitchen for our six-legged friends.

d. Regular Reconnaissance is Key:

Inspect your kitchen regularly for any spills or crumbs. Even a tiny drop of soda can be a feast for these critters. I reckon a nightly kitchen sweep should do the trick.

e. Keep It Tight:

Check for cracks and gaps in windows, doors, or walls. These can be the perfect entryway for an ant invasion. Seal ’em up and keep those uninvited guests out.

Natural Remedies that Send Ants Packing

The 2023 Florida Ant Guide: DIY Ant Removal

Now, I’m all for the modern conveniences of life (like that newfangled electric coffee pot I just got), but sometimes Mother Nature provides the best solutions. Before reaching for the heavy chemicals, consider giving these natural remedies a shot.

a. The Lemon Lasso:

Ants, it seems, ain’t big fans of citrus. Who’d have thunk it? Wipe your countertops with lemon juice, and not only will your kitchen smell like a summer’s day, but those ants will think twice before crossing that lemony line.

b. Diatomaceous Earth – A Mouthful with Big Results:

This stuff is like walking on broken glass for ants, but fear not—it’s perfectly safe for us big folks and our furry friends. Just sprinkle a bit near entry points or ant trails. It’s a non-toxic barrier they won’t cross.

c. Peppermint Power:

Turns out, ants aren’t fans of minty freshness. A few drops of peppermint essential oil in water, spritzed around the kitchen, can deter those ants. Plus, it’ll leave your home smelling like Christmas!

d. Cornmeal Trick:

This is an old-timey trick my grandma used to swear by. Sprinkle some cornmeal where you see ant activity. They’re attracted to it and take it back to the colony. Without getting too morbid, let’s just say they can’t exactly digest it.

e. Cucumber Slices – Not Just for Spa Days:

Place cucumber slices near entry points. Something about the bitterness sends ants scurrying away. And hey, once you’re done, you can toss ’em in a salad!

f. Bonus Laugh:

Did you hear about the ant who went to a spa? It asked for the “ant-i aging” treatment. Okay, I’ll stick to pest control and leave the comedy for the jesters!

f. Humorous Side Note:

Why did the ant refuse to play cards in the kitchen? It didn’t want to deal with the crumbs! But seriously, folks, keep those crumbs in check.

Alrighty then, with Auntie Rick’s (yep, that’s me) top tips, you’re ready to fortify your kitchen fortress against these mini invaders. It’s all about being vigilant and proactive. And if these pesky invaders still find a way in, well, you know where to find me. I’ve got a few more aces up my sleeve! 🤠

When to Call in the Cavalry: Recognizing a Bigger Ant Problem

The 2023 Florida Ant Guide: DIY Ant Removal

Alright, partners. I’ve given you the ol’ rundown on DIY methods, but sometimes, these ant brigades are just a mite too stubborn. It’s important to know when it’s time to hang up your cowboy hat and call in the cavalry – and by cavalry, I mean us seasoned pros.

a. Colony Sightings:

If you spot large groups of ants (and not just the odd trailblazer here and there), you might be dealing with a nest nearby. And trust me, that’s one hornet’s nest you don’t want to poke.

b. Repeat Offenders:

If, after trying all the methods above, you’re still having breakfast with an ant or two every morning, it’s a sign there’s a bigger issue at hand.

c. Damaged Woodwork:

Noticed some wood shavings or hollow sounds in your wooden structures? That could be carpenter ants setting up shop, and those little carpenters don’t build – they destroy.

d. Signs of Multiple Types:

If you’ve spotted more than one type of ant in your kitchen, it could mean there are multiple colonies nearby. This ain’t just a standoff anymore, it’s an all-out war.

e. A Little Story from Yours Truly:

Back in ’09, I got a call from a sweet old lady who swore her kitchen was the set of an ant-themed Broadway musical. She tried everything, from lemon lassos to cucumber intermissions. Turns out, she had three different ant colonies under her porch! Took a while, but we finally gave her kitchen curtains a break from the ant performances.

The Final Resort

The 2023 Florida Ant Guide: DIY Ant Removal

If you’ve nodded along to any of the above, it’s time to reach out to us. No shame in asking for a little backup!

Wrangling Up the Roundup: A Few Parting Words from Rick

Well, partners, it’s been a hoot guiding y’all through the ins and outs of ant prevention. Just like the tales of the wild west, every kitchen has its own stories of battles won and lessons learned. As we wrap up this rodeo, here are a few things to remember:

a. Prevention is Key:

Remember, a clean kitchen is your best defense. It’s like building a fort – make it strong, and invaders will think twice before approaching.

b. Know Your Adversary:

Not all ants wear the same boots. By understanding what you’re up against, you can tailor your tactics and keep those invaders at bay.

c. Nature’s Got Your Back:

Before reaching for that spray can, give Mother Nature’s remedies a whirl. They’re gentle on the earth, safe for our homes, and rough on those pesky critters.

d. Don’t Go it Alone:

There’s no harm in asking for help. When the going gets tough, the tough call wildpestpros!

e. A Final Chuckle:

Why was the ant always confused in the kitchen? Because it lived in the PANtry! Alright, alright, I promise that’s the last one… for now.

f. We’re Here for You:

If those ants are outsmarting your every move, or you just want to chat about the best ways to keep critters at bay, remember, we’re just a click away.

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