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Common Rodents in Fort Myers, FL

  • Cane Toads in Fort Myers, FL: The Amphibian Invasion

    Hello, dear readers! It’s Rick Miller, your friendly neighborhood Wild Pest Pro, back again with a deep dive into one of Fort Myers’ most pressing wildlife issues – the invasion of Cane Toads. Grab your waders, folks, because we’re about to wade into the swampy details of these troublesome toads and what their presence means…

  • Opossums in Fort Myers

    Opossums in Fort Myers, FL: Nighttime Navigators

    Hello again, folks! Rick Miller here, your go-to Wild Pest Pro, diving deeper into the world of one of Fort Myers’ most intriguing residents: the opossum. These little critters aren’t just surviving in Florida’s tropical paradise; they’re thriving! Let’s peel back the layers of the night to reveal more about these fascinating marsupials. The Opossum…

  • Rodents in Fort Myers, FL

    Common Rodents in Fort Myers, FL

    Ah, Fort Myers, Florida! Land of sunshine, beaches, and… rodents? You betcha! While you’re enjoying the beautiful Floridian weather, some furry little critters are making themselves at home in your space. But fear not, fellow Floridian, I’m Rick Miller, your go-to Wild Pest Pro, and I’m here to introduce you to these common uninvited guests,…

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