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Fort Myers Wildlife Removal Services

Our Wildlife Removal Process


Our inspection encompasses both the inside and outside of your home. For the external part, our specialist will conduct an in-depth scrutiny of your roof and underbelly spaces. The check includes looking for points of entry, property damage, markings from rubbing, footprints, and droppings. As for the interior, our inspection is inclusive of an exhaustive attic assessment wherein our expert will search for materials used for nesting, excrement, trails, burrowing, and damage such as gnawing. Depending on the gravity of the issue, our expert may extend the inspection to additional spaces within your home.

Post the comprehensive examination, our Wildlife Specialist will formulate a tailored plan to tackle your specific wildlife issue. This plan may incorporate various animal eviction techniques such as trapping, one-way exit doors, and deterrents.


Every wildlife issue is distinct and commences with a primary assessment. Our Wildlife Specialist at Wild Pest Pros will conduct an examination of the premises for indications of wildlife activity. Wild creatures tend to leave various markers such as excrement, trail signs, and entryways. Our Wildlife Specialist will identify the species involved and gauge the intensity of the infestation, enabling the creation of a tailor-made plan.

Understanding that each wildlife challenge is unique, the process begins with a comprehensive evaluation. At Wild Pest Pros, our skilled Wildlife Specialist embarks on a thorough survey of the location to detect signs of wildlife activities. Notable indicators left by these creatures, such as droppings, track marks, and entrances, aid in this endeavor. By identifying the species involved and measuring the infestation’s severity, our specialist crafts a customized approach to address the situation effectively.


The specific tactics utilized for the removal of unwanted creatures often vary greatly, largely depending on the type of animal being addressed. The species, size, habits, and even local regulations surrounding the animal all contribute to the chosen method of expulsion. Our expert technician at Wild Pest Pros is a seasoned professional, possessing the knowledge and experience to appropriately and efficiently deal with a wide range of animal intruders.

They have a vast arsenal of methods at their disposal, ensuring the most suitable approach for every unique scenario. This assortment of tactics is not limited to, but prominently features, standard trapping techniques. These methods are often employed when dealing with common pests, like raccoons or squirrels, and can prove very effective. However, when dealing with species protected by local laws or in situations where the animal’s welfare is a priority, humane trapping techniques may be applied.

Preventative Reinforcement

Executing a comprehensive home exclusion establishes a defensive shield that impedes animals from infiltrating or re-entering your dwelling. This approach ensures a lasting and secure resolution for keeping wildlife at bay. Wild Pest Pros secures all kinds of entry routes such as roof junctions, gable vents, ridge vents, crawlspace vents, and plumbing vents. Moreover, Wild Pest Pros provides warranties for full-home exclusion services.

Once your home is safeguarded, it becomes imperative to rehabilitate the living space. Wild creatures are far from ideal cohabitants. These intruders may expose your household to diseases or parasites.


Wildlife barrier services are the most efficacious means of wildlife management. The repairs carried out during the exclusion process offer immediate and long-term solutions for pest control. Moreover, these physical barriers are free of chemicals, making them safe for humans, animals, and the environment.

Ground defense: Install Fences and Embed Subterranean Barriers The installation of fences and underground barriers serves as physical impediments, preventing wildlife from accessing specific areas on your property.


Leak sealing: Secure Apertures and Encase Gaps Wildlife is adept at squeezing through incredibly narrow spaces (even an opening as thin as a pencil’s width is ample for many rodents), making it vital to ensure that all gaps are thoroughly sealed.

Vent sealing: Strengthen Bases Denying access to crawl spaces by physically obstructing them significantly bolsters your defense against intrusive wildlife.

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Complimentary Assessment Wild Pest Pros offers free estimates via phone. The technician assigned to your region will contact you to discuss the issue prior to visiting. Based on the conversation, we will provide an estimate to the best of our knowledge. All estimates are subsequently finalized with an exact quotation before any work commences.